1×1 of Real Madrid vs Granada: Valverde leaves, Hazard opens


The Uruguayan gave a football and physical exhibition, while the Belgian scored his first goal. They accompanied Bale, Benzema or Carvajal and floated Areola.

Areola . Life was complicated in five minutes with a false exit from above and with an absurd penalty, for over-confidence with his feet, which he paid with his first both embedded and Real Madrid. In the second little could do. In 84 ‘, after a failed shipment to Odriozola, he finished whistling.

Odriozola . He started something inaccurate, but still connected with Bale in the 1-0. Electric, he raised his band frequently to the last breath, assisting James, and had no major problems in defense.

Varane . He saved 3-2 on the line in 76 ‘, but collaborated to get on the scoreboard by losing Carlos Fernández’s mark in 78’. He was attentive to the coverage for the incorporations of Odriozola and helped in the ball out.

Ramos . Little demanded in defense, he dared with a foul in the 24 ‘that touched on the barrier and gave Rui Silva a scare. He brushed the 4-1 with a header in the 74 ‘.

Carvajal . Right side of the crib, before Granada it seemed lateral and even left-handed as usual. He frequently stepped on the rival field and was able to score, only before the goalkeeper, in 11 ‘and 26’. He was admonished in 54 ‘.

Valverde . He has plenty of physique and desire, but he lacks minutes to finish curdling. And Zidane seems determined to provide them. His first part is that they can change races: he left very powerful ball drives, races to recover and intensity, which originated 2-0. He had the goal with a header coming to the area in the 16 ‘. He did not loosen in the second half, which made him appear in the 3-0 photo.

Casemiro . One more afternoon, the broom sweeps everything. He arrived at the game with 780 minutes played of 910 possible and ran as if he still had all the stripes on the drums. He saw yellow in the 43 ‘. Do not constipate with Brazil …

Kroos (33 ‘). Changed by muscle problems, who would have said it after having played it all but 8 minutes this course, while he held on was fine in the combination and served a goal in the 26 ‘to Carvajal, who did not succeed.

Bale (82 ‘). His first two interventions collected what he has been showing and what is expected of him: quality in spurts with an assistance of many carats to Benzema (2 ‘) and commitment to a fault defending in his own field (8’). He maintained, with some intermittence, that alternation until the break. Then it went blurring.

Benzema . His blow, in the 2 ‘, showed him again as a player as lethal in the area as superclass in subsequent plays outside it. Rui Silva prevented his double in 86 ‘. A big ‘9’ and a bright ’10’.

Hazard (69 ‘). He finally got his first goal as a Real Madrid player. It will feed your confidence, but above all it will calm those who were nervous about their performance. In the first half he changed the band a few minutes with Bale, whom he sought without reaching Welsh twice in the area. He enabled Modric in 3-0. Although he still lacks a centimeter in many actions to be the player who signed Madrid, that galactic is already intuited very close.

They also played:

Modric (33 ‘). He touched, touched and touched … until he burst a ball from the front in the square. That 3-0 was one of those who, as the classics said, is worth the price of admission.

Isco (69 ‘). He reappeared 42 days later and the first ball he touched ended in foul. He tried to get the ball and peered into the opposite goal with a shot too shy.

James (82 ‘). You can not take more 8 minutes than the Colombian with that goal of area opportunist. His celebration, taking off his shirt, speaks of a player who, after wanting to leave because he does not see himself with opportunities, clings to his dream of succeeding at the Bernabéu.


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