32-core Threadripper 2 CPU released by AMD

32-core Threadripper 2

AMD is crushing Intel when it comes to core and thread counts with its 32-core Threadripper 2, but it’s also beating the company to market. While its rival’s 28-core chip is set to arrive in late 2018, the second generation Threadripper will be here sometime during the third quarter of …

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How to use Software Defined Radios

In this article we’ll cover how to use software defined radios. This will include following topics Introduction to radio frequency scanners Hands-on with RTLSDR scanner Playing around with gqrx Kalibrating device for GSM tapping Decoding ADS-B messages with Dump1090 The term software-defined radio means, implementation of hardware-based radio components such …

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Industrial Agriculture (History Briefly Explained)

industrial agriculture

Many of the innovations introduced to agriculture by the scientific and Industrial revolutions paved the way for a qualitative change in the nature of agricultural production, particularly in advanced capitalist countries. This qualitative change became known as industrial agriculture. It is characterized by heavy use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; …

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Scientific Agriculture (History Explained)

scientific agriculture

By the 16th century, population was increasing in Europe, and agricultural production was again expanding. The nature of agriculture there and in other regions was to change considerably in succeeding centuries. Several reasons can be identified for this trend. Europe was cut off from Asia and the Middle East by an …

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